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The ultimate face and body acupressure tool. Features a specific acupuncture point, this cutting-edge tool stimulates blood circulation, oxygen flow and promotes healthy circulation and skin regeneration.  Elegant in design, this stunning gold coloured roller is portable, lightweight and easy to travel with. Embody a deeper sense of relaxation.


The ultimate self-care device that you can use anywhere, anytime. Gently massage along any areas of your body that feel stiff, tired and tense. Feel all your stressors melt away.

Why You’ll Love This:Fully flexible – this acupuncture-based tool can be massaged along the key reflex points on your feet and hands to relieve any stiffness. Gently use across the face and neck to enhance your complexion.

Key Benefits:Provides instant stress relief.
Relieves tired and stiff muscles.
Improves skin vitality.
Promotes skin regeneration.

How often can my roller?Cocoon’s Therapeutic Acupressure Roller can be used everyday, anytime, and anywhere. Keep this gold beauty in your bag and use anytime you need an instant lift.

How it Works:Based on Acupuncture wisdom, this cutting-edge roller features a pressure point that gently penetrates the skin to stimulate blood and oxygen flow. This in turn, unblocks stagnation, bringing healthy circulation and vitality to the skin and body.

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