Emergency Preparedness:  Survival Plans and Kits For Workplace and Home

Emergency Preparedness: Survival Plans and Kits For Workplace and Home

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    When at work, Mike is able to fix building emergencies from his computer; there was no room for mistakes since he was responsible to provide power to other emergency organizations and always needed a backup in the event of major outages. Most large commercial buildings have such protections in place, but small businesses or residential homes may not be prepared for disasters that can cause major outages and disrupt our comfortable lives. FEMA and many other organizations have checklists and preparedness plans including survival kits. Even when things are going well, we read how drinking waters are polluted and everyone should have some type of water purifiers including a large stock of filter replacements. Here is an emergency list below that everyone should have:

    • Water
    • Battery Radio
    • Non-Perishable Food
    • Medications along with other medical supplies larger than small first aid kits we usually keep.
    • Documents in fireproof and waterproof bags.  
    • Cash that should also be in fire and waterproof bags; credit cards and ATM machines may not work for days during disasters. Mike's mom always said to carry coins instead of paper money since people could melt coins and paper money was worthless due to high inflation.
    2 products
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