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Soil Meter. Why Soil pH Measurement is Important?

Garden soils are often described as acidic (sour) or alkaline (sweet). Unfortunately, the meanings of these terms and their relationship to plant growth are not clearly understood by some gardeners. The relative acidity or alkalinity of soil is indicated by its pH. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14. Any pH reading below 7 is acidic and any pH above 7 is alkaline. A pH of 7 indicates a neutral soil. The pH is important because it influences the availability of essential nutrients. Most horticultural crops will grow satisfactorily in soils having a pH between 6 (slightly acid) and 7.5 (slightly alkaline). If your garden soils are in this range, you will not experience problems with soil p

Portable Soil Moisture Meter Soil PH Meter Soil Humidity Tester

Power Supply - Battery 9V X 1
PH Measuring Range: 3.5 to 9.0
Probe Length: 200mm
Dimensions: 122(L) X 63(H) X 36(W) mm
Factory experience

Orange+Black color
-9~50°C (16~122°F)
Material: Plastics and stainless metal

1 x4 in1 Sunlight/Moisture/Light/PH Tester Meter
1 x User Manual
Gift box+ Master Carton,
20pcs/carton, G.W: 6kgs/carton, carton size: 40*38*32cm

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